2local Solutions and Goals for a Better World

2local is happy to contribute to the growth of a better world, with the sustainable development goals of the UN as its guideline. We strive for thriving communities, societal growth that includes everyone, a sustainable world without malfunctioning of the monetary and economic system and prosperity for everyone worldwide. The forthcoming IEO will s

Sustainable, Eco-friendly Innovation: 2local Is Here

We dream of a better future and try to manifest it. Our dream is devoid of inequality, injustice, and malnutrition, and is built on the sustainable use of natural resources. We want to give every individual a place in a new worldwide economy of the future, one that is more local, less hectic, and happier overall. We will consume less and differentl

Dutch Company to Present a First Blockchain-Powered Marketplace with Unique Cashback System

2local, an eco-conscious fintech company from the Netherlands, is about to present an innovative Blockchain-2.0 powered platform of the same name, 2local, which is tapping into banking without inflation and with value creation to encourage sustainability and prosperity for all the participants of the program. 2local is the first company of its k

Engage locally to connect globally

Did you know that sustainability and prosperity go together? In our time of technical progress, a digital money system based on blockchain technology can achieve sustainability and prosperity. But before we get there, our society still has a lot of problems to solve. 2local wants to offer an answer to those problems. In this blog, I want to elabora