Hello everyone,


I am an independent researcher and writer of articles and books in the field of economic and social topics. The most recent book I wrote was Local Food for Global Future ( and I was the first author of the books Regions, Finger-licking Good and With Every Bite a Better Countryside.


New blockchain technology, local initiatives and ideas about a basic income are aspects that come together in 2local. I feel strongly involved in this for the following reasons. To me, hunger and poverty seem to be one of the biggest problems in the world. Ideas about a basic income or a form of a basic income, such as a refund or cashback for local and sustainable products, contain useful elements around this hunger and poverty problem that we will further elaborate in 2local. Every person, every community and every society counts in this world. 2local is there for everyone!


Living and working on a local scale connects people and prevents a lot of misery and problems in the world. The 2local payment system facilitates this and at the same time it works and connects people worldwide. Application of the latest techniques in the field of blockchain makes the use of the 2local cryptocurrency very easy.

These topics are consistent with my knowledge and experience in econometrics, technology, agriculture and food and philosophy, which I would like to use for 2local. This is a diverse area of ‚Äč‚Äčinterest. Let me give you a few examples to get an idea. I have contributed to development of a system of price analysis in the national economy, elaborating work organization when applying new technologies, such as the milking robot, technology assessment studies, knowledge development in the field of chains and networks, involvement in the establishment and development of local food communities, and heritage management. I wrote various articles and some books about social issues.


During my career I always searched for the combination of theory and practice. This combination creates beautiful and new things. A good combination of theories and practices in areas of 2local will contribute to a better world. As co-founder of 2local my involvement now as Chief Science Officer (CSO) is concentrating on the scientific backgrounds of the 2local themes, in relation to the applications. My aim in this blog is to present you more background information about topics of 2local. These topics relate to economics and finance, sustainability, local initiatives, agriculture and food, and governance and comparative philosophy.


The current global societal system is not sustainable and creates ever-growing inequalities. In my blogs I want to show that sustainability can be achieved through a local focus and inequality can be eliminated by introducing the idea of basic income. Sustainability and prosperity go together! In our time of new and emerging technologies, both sustainability and prosperity can be achieved by introducing a digital money system based on the blockchain technology. 2local connects these three emerging trends that we observe in society. In my blogs I will elaborate on the backgrounds of these trends and show that together they will lead to a beautiful revolutionary development.


I would like to share with you my knowledge and experiences on the topics that touch 2local and I hope for a strong response, even if you disagree with something. Let’s start 2020 successfully with a worldwide 2local!