Engage locally to connect globally

Did you know that sustainability and prosperity go together? In our time of technical progress, a digital money system based on blockchain technology can achieve sustainability and prosperity. But before we get there, our society still has a lot of problems to solve. 2local wants to offer an answer to those problems. In this blog, I want to elaborate the backgrounds of some of our societal core problems and show that we can change them into a beautiful revolutionary development by connecting blockchain technology, local sustainability and global prosperity.

of the current neoliberal system

Financial crisis, poverty and hunger, inequality, climate change, pressure on our ecosystems, decrease of biodiversity. We are facing a man-made crises that threaten our lives on this planet.


Our current neoliberal system dominates these crises by its one-dimensional growth. The long distance between producers and consumers, production that is disconnected from consumption, multinationals grow their influence, banks grow until they can’t go bankrupt, the false idea that a system of free trade will benefit everyone, unfair competition… our society pays the price for this unfair system that creates a gap between population groups.


People start to realise that this ego-focused neo-liberal system can no longer solve these problems. Tons of books and articles are published every day to show the world that our current system has no future anymore and that we should start fighting for our rights. Capitalism needs a big renovation and must start to serve the interests of the citizens of the world, not the multinationals or banks.

Achieving sustainability through a local lens

To overcome the serious problems of the previous chapter, we have to reconsider our social and ecological values to develop relationships that reward quality and fairness and consider sovereignty and safety. Building a society on local business is a great place to start: reconnecting producers and consumers, fairer income for workers, carefully handling ecological processes, closing resources and energy cycles in a small area, interconnecting production and nature… All of this requires nationwide, regional and local governance of production systems to provide for all people without exhausting our planet.


Local and regional systems are best suited for achieving these goals. We call this new paradigm local sustainability. A lot of local initiatives are already in place: online sharing of tools and cars, community gardens, repair cafés, waste reduction schemes, energy cooperatives and more. We also see a shift in international organizations who are starting to cater to those who need it.

Achieving prosperity and equality: mode of basic income

Basic income is an unconditional allowance that is sufficient to live on. The basic idea behind it is that nobody lives below the poverty line anymore. Basic income tries to reduce poverty and increase equality. This gives people more freedom. Simplicity is created and bureaucracy gets avoided. With a basic income, everyone has income security and purchases power to keep the economy going. The difference between poor and rich citizens becomes smaller. We have more time for each other.

While the basic income idea is the best solution for lots of worldwide problems, most research doesn’t get further because they go about it all wrong. They base the success of a program like this on the government being the provider of this income. But taking care of basic incomes is not a task of the government. It can be introduced relatively easily through private initiatives such as cryptocurrencies based on blockchain technologies.


2local starts with a light version of a basic income. A cashback system compensates people, including those who are struggling and have little money, who want to buy local and/or sustainable products. This could be a first step towards a global basic income project. This stimulates everyone's involvement in the local economy.

2local digital money system: cashback based on blockchain technology

2local, a non-profit community, is developing a new payment system that brings sustainability and prosperity to the world by making local and sustainable purchases accessible to everyone. It encourages people to participate in society.


The 2local system is based on the local sustainability concept. This community is devoid of inequality, injustice and malnutrition, and is built on the sustainable use of natural resources. 2local want to give every individual a place in the new global economy of the future. One that is more local, less hectic and overall happier.


2local’s digital money, L2L, refunds local and sustainable purchases as a mode of basic income backed by blockchain technology. The idea of ​​2local is to provide distributions of L2L coins up to a certain maximum to all people who have purchased goods and / or services from local companies or companies that contribute to a sustainable existence. We support the group of producers and consumers who can withstand the pressure of the industrial system.

With Bernard Lietar I conclude that the move towards smaller-scale and more local production and distribution of goods will expand and become universal. Systems, such as energy, food, water, will be designed on a local scale, but culminate in a matrix in which everything scales up, from the small to the large, while retaining the fractal properties.