Buying Crypto With The Lowest Fees Utilizing Simplex On 2local Exchange

Buying cryptocurrencies can still be a problem. Some mainstream players offer a crypto/fiat gateway, but they are highly expensive and still very centralized. Plus, they do not offer you anonymity or security in transactions. They can be hacked as they do not run on a blockchain. However, not everything is as bad as it seems. 2local has formed a pa...


2local Renews Website With A Dynamic Roadmap

The eco-friendly company 2local from the Netherlands has made a few more steps along their roadmap towards fulfilling their mission - a sustainable world with prosperity for all. Responding to the request of the community, they have renewed their website with a dynamic roadmap. It lets everybody see how much has already been accomplished, what the ...


2local for sustainability and prosperity!

Abstract Core problems in our present time, inequality in the world, ever-increasing damage to the environment and nature, energy and climate crises (EU Commissioner Frans Timmermans speaks of a jumble of crisis), are very closely related to the current financial-economic system of the western neoliberal world. A completely different economic, f...

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