Cryptocurrencies are the Future

Our money systen is obsolete, cryptocurrencies are the future   Intrinsically Bad Money System   The money system in the neoliberal economy is intrinsically sick. The crucial flaw lies in the ability of private banks to create virtually unlimited money. The private banks create money "out of thin air" by incur...


Necessary change in agriculture and food: to 100% organic

Necessary change in agriculture and food: to 100% organic There is no doubt that a radical change is needed in our current agricultural and food system. Our agricultural and food system pollutes the soil, is unhealthy, has grown unbalanced worldwide, brings yields and profits in the chain not to the farmers, but to the banks and multinationals....


Buying Crypto With The Lowest Fees Utilizing Simplex On 2local Exchange

Buying cryptocurrencies can still be a problem. Some mainstream players offer a crypto/fiat gateway, but they are highly expensive and still very centralized. Plus, they do not offer you anonymity or security in transactions. They can be hacked as they do not run on a blockchain. However, not everything is as bad as it seems. 2local has formed a pa...

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